Entry: Yum-Yum! Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I found this ice cream this weekend and it took me back to the original commercial, brilliant! Good times. Enjoy


May 1, 2008   11:10 AM PDT
Sparkly Tim: Funny I don't see that

T-Birdy: You are losing out on a fabulous ice cream bar. Yum-Yum!

Swing by anytime.

IDV: That Perverts Originals guy is such a disgusting old man. He creeps me out, and it seems like they are determined to make it the sweets of choice for pedophiles.

April 30, 2008   11:43 PM PDT
I don't think scientist guy is as disturbing as the Perverts Originals old man.

That Wether's, not Perverts. Sorry.
April 30, 2008   11:05 PM PDT
Our Maxibons are just the biscuit coating. We don't have those half and half with chocolate ones...

*considers moving to Denmark*

I concur - those glasses make him look a little... disturbed.
April 30, 2008   10:55 PM PDT
I think it's the glasses. He looks like a pervert.
April 30, 2008   10:25 PM PDT
How so?
April 30, 2008   09:20 PM PDT
The old scientist troubles me.
April 30, 2008   08:01 PM PDT
IDV & Sparkly Tim:

The ice cream bars are lovely!

I just thought the commercial was hilarious. Must be the only one then.

Actually they make them in America too.
April 29, 2008   08:03 PM PDT
I'll second that, Tim. I've never heard of such a thing before. Must be a Dane thing?
April 29, 2008   07:39 PM PDT
It looks *hideous* but I'll take your word for it that it's nice.

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