Entry: All I See Tuesday, April 15, 2008

After all this Shorts action we need a bit of music. To celebrate that Kylies album X is number 4 on the Billboard Electro Chart in the US, and to celebrate the KYLIEX2008 tour which will start soon Kylie has made this little acoustic video of her American single All I See. Enjoy.



April 21, 2008   05:38 AM PDT
It would be fair to say that you are already on the persona non grata list at the Opening Ceremonies...well done.

Next time you order in some 'Chinois' put on some kevlar just in case.
April 19, 2008   01:22 AM PDT
Oh poor Kyles!

She'll get over it, she should find some hot sexy boyfriend again. I'm sure she's more into male bits anyway
April 19, 2008   12:30 AM PDT
*sigh* Female bits are never good good? Poor Kylie. She's somewhere, weeping right now.
April 18, 2008   11:59 AM PDT
Voices: Embrace it, love it

T-Birdy: I still don't get it either

MJ: But everything is good within reason, female bits are never good good though

no matter how much Knudsen disagrees, and I know he does. A lot.

MJ: I didn't think you obeyed any kind of rules. Hmmm

Knudsen should have a rule about not posting disgusting dog porn etc. Oh wait, then you wouldn't have a blog yeah? Tee-hee-hee

T-birdy: Embrace the youtubes watch the youtubes, post the youtubes
April 18, 2008   10:51 AM PDT
Thanks so much for that link. Either Knudsen is a genius, or he is a genius...

I think I love him.
April 17, 2008   11:12 PM PDT
I looked it up. It's Rule number 13...

13thRULE: Everytime you post a MeMe or a YouTube punch yerself in the head.
April 17, 2008   11:10 PM PDT
T-Bird: Voices and I are card-carrying members of The Knudsen Nation...


If we post YouTubes, we are required to hit ourselves in the head.

It's a risk I have taken but there's always fallout.
April 17, 2008   10:45 PM PDT
Why all the youtube hate?
April 17, 2008   10:18 PM PDT

*hangs head and clicks back to the mjdoggieporn channel*
April 17, 2008   09:02 PM PDT
One of my favorite videos of hers is actually black and white, well there are two old ones and the other is part black and white

But she looks fabulous in technicolour too
April 17, 2008   08:59 PM PDT
I love Kylie - but mainly when she's moving about in glorious technicolour.
I also love TTD.
April 17, 2008   06:40 PM PDT
Bingowings: Thanks dear! I will

T-Birdy: Absolutely! I just love her. (the most redundant comment today)

Donn: She so very much is.

He really really does! Scary, I wonder what he's doing these days (can't be him though, most of those 80s hasbeens did NOT age well)

MJ: Oh I hope he's started turning ;)

T-Birdy: I should look them up

April 17, 2008   10:37 AM PDT
I remember wishing well! What was his other song? Sign your name across my heart?

I loved that song.
April 17, 2008   07:24 AM PDT
I am troubled by Donn's use of the word "adorable".
April 17, 2008   06:06 AM PDT
Isn't she adorable?
That looks like Terrnec Trent Darby on the guitar..do you remember Wishin' Well or am I dating myself here?
April 16, 2008   10:53 PM PDT
Kylie is such a lovely person, both inside and out.
April 16, 2008   10:59 AM PDT
CP, enjoy having fun with those shorts as long as you can, because like a beauty pageant you've won, sooner or later, you're going to have your final walk and turn them Shorts over to another winner...

Until then, enjoy the parades and accolades and have as much fun as you can with those shiny, soft Shorts! You're a part of Internet History now!
April 15, 2008   05:31 PM PDT
Today, tired very tired. The day after the photo was taken I was fine.

I had a lot of fun with the shorts and I'm thinking there will be more in the future.

As for Kylie, she does look very well and I think she sounds fabulous too.
April 15, 2008   01:24 PM PDT
YAY! FIRST! So how you feeling this morning CP?

See your starting to have fun with the shorts. Keep it up CP.

Glad to see Kylie looking so well after what she went through.

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