Entry: Cocktails and TFGES Saturday, April 12, 2008


Especially for you. I don't know how I will feel about this in the morning


April 17, 2008   09:06 PM PDT
I know Daisy! Doesn't she just?

Awww you are too sweet, I've grown quite fond of you too
April 17, 2008   01:41 AM PDT
i think i might stick around a bit...it's nice to be wanted...and i have become kind of fond of you on MJ's...she does tease you too much...oh and shut the hell up MJ you know you do!
April 15, 2008   05:28 PM PDT
Today, tired!

The day after, not so bad less tired than now
April 15, 2008   01:21 PM PDT
LOL So how are you feeling this morning CP?
April 14, 2008   07:54 PM PDT
Exciting stuff getting your demon box - delivery 2 weeks then?

Do elaborate on the whole not surprised bit. I'm curious to know.

I was going for something showbizzy and possibly a bit glam superstarry

Did it work?
April 14, 2008   07:20 PM PDT
Yay! CyberPetra - You've got The 'Shorts! And I am sooo not surprised by that picture. Ha!

I'll update the map as soon as I get a Demon Box. I think I know what I'm getting - I've got to order it tomorrow.

April 13, 2008   10:58 PM PDT
I think it is Donn

Go on, give us your best material
April 13, 2008   10:35 PM PDT
Is this thing on?
((tap tap tap))
April 13, 2008   08:57 PM PDT
I show a documentary on Estee Lauder - love the history
April 13, 2008   08:50 PM PDT
Estee Lauder is my homegirl.
April 13, 2008   08:46 PM PDT
I've seen it around but never tried MAC

I'm mostly into Rimmel at the moment but Helena Rubinstein and Estee Lauder are fabulous too.

I like the gold lipstick casings.

The mascara from Max Factor is pretty good too
April 13, 2008   08:37 PM PDT
Have you tried MAC Cosmetics? They're Canadian and that's what I use. The products are good quality.

Maybelline is great for mascara though.
April 13, 2008   07:23 PM PDT
Voices: Hey, yeah I suppose it is an honour ending up with the Shorts.

You missed a lot of boobage and shrill singing I tell you.

Be sure to stick around because there'll be a lot more fun with the Shorts in the next weeks. A Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Extravaganza if you will.

MJ: He should be so lucky, lucky, lucky
April 13, 2008   06:53 PM PDT
CyberPoof: That last joker is Inner Voices but he's going by some pseudonym here for some reason.

Probably doesn't want to be associated with someone who posts a lot of YouTubes and listens to Kylie.

That's my guess.
zed is dead
April 13, 2008   06:38 PM PDT
fuck, i see that the mj force has already been here. well i'll bring up the rear and say howdy! im on dial up so none of the boobtube links worked! and i also see you ended up with the coveted elf shorts!!! lucky you and sounds fucking cool!!!
April 13, 2008   06:08 PM PDT
Bingowings: Is it now I reveal the shocking fact that I don't have a tub?

I like passing out with my legs over my head preferably somewhere nice with someone(s) nice (and when I say I nice I mean...)

A. Boxer: Welcome!

Thank you, it just doesn't go well with my complexion. The colour (see I can spell it) is Bourgogne Burgundy and it's Maybelline.
Pink Pleasure looks so much better on me

Donnnnn: It's supposed to say 'shorts' as in The Freakin Green Elf Shorts that are visible in the mirror. My drunken handwriting is bad, I apologise.

Kylie is GOD!

Paddy-Whacking, sherfs? I guess I must start googling
April 13, 2008   05:54 PM PDT
oh oh where is my comment? Do you have moderation on?

I said..
I love Kylie too..I can't get her out of my head.

Believe it or not I had to Google 'sherfs'..how pedestrian eh?

Apparently it's part of a 'Minjar' which consists of;
a fruit,
a coin,
a coconut? (I can only speculate),
and a few 'sherfs of paddy' are tied in a piece of red cloth.

I believe that over here in the Colonies we still refer to Minjaring as 'paddy-whacking'.

Live and learn. Oh yeah..
I was 'scent' here by MJ yadda yadda yadda.
April 13, 2008   05:24 PM PDT
I actually had to Google 'sherfs'..?

"A Minjar consists of;
a fruit,
a coin,
a coconut,
and a few sherfs-of-paddy are tied in a piece of red cloth."

I've never actually been to a Minjar but here in the Colonies I think that we still call this 'paddy-whacking'.

I LOVE Kylie too..I can't get her out of my head..
Anonymous Boxer
April 13, 2008   05:23 PM PDT
I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.

That's a good color of lipstick.
April 13, 2008   04:27 PM PDT
oooh...shiny and very pretty...unfortunately, I can never drink in the bath tub...I prefer to pass out on the living room floor ;)
April 13, 2008   02:55 PM PDT
Daisy: Awwww, you poor thing. MJ is such a meanie

Welcome, do stick around for the really fun times, like my cooking segment, soap star fridays and whatnot.

Not to forget, when the time comes, TFGESC
April 13, 2008   02:25 PM PDT
I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.

i was going to come anyway...but she made me!
April 13, 2008   11:45 AM PDT
T-Birdy: You should bring champagne to your bathroom more often dear

The result can be scary though. You have no idea how many scary photos I have from that 'photoshoot'

MJ: Keep your mits off my stilettos!

MJ: It's an illuuuuuuuuusion. Combine drunkness and lipstick and that's the result

MJ: Oh dear the secret is out - I have the regular Veet wax too but it's not in the bathroom.
April 13, 2008   04:47 AM PDT
Look everybody!

April 13, 2008   04:46 AM PDT
Are your lips really that big?!
April 13, 2008   04:45 AM PDT
Those are my gold stilettos!
April 13, 2008   01:26 AM PDT
Minus the champers and the shorts, this looks remarkable like my bathroom!

Fantastic pair of shoes, Pete! Really, really nice... I sincerely hope they appear in your pic!

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