Entry: Tick Tock Tick Tock Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Contrived or genius?

Mainstream or progressive?

Old and boring or hip and kool?



April 11, 2008   06:45 PM PDT
No, she just jumps around a lot and grinds. Throws in a few yoga exercises here and there and voilá

she's got a "dance rutine"

I still wonder when her 15 minutes are up
April 11, 2008   09:28 AM PDT
She really can't dance, can she?
April 10, 2008   08:48 PM PDT
MJ: Teeheeheeeee
April 10, 2008   08:48 PM PDT
MJ: Teeheeheeeee
April 10, 2008   08:30 PM PDT
You should have that boil lanced.
April 10, 2008   06:52 PM PDT
Bingowings: They had 4 minutes to do the song, but they missed it and Nelly Furtado beat them to it.

And why thank you kind sir, glad to be feeling better.

Dinah: It IS really interesting, someone should look into that.

He wasn't THAT unimpressive, mostly he just had bad hair but I'll examine that some other time.

Sparkly Tim: That's what I was thinking. She's like 70 years old and been retouched to oblivion. Can't she just put on some clothes and act her age because it's getting old

much like her.

MJ: I may have something on the boil.

T-Birdy: Yes she should just retire. Leave us be and stop spreading her legs for any camera.

April 10, 2008   02:56 AM PDT
It's time to retire, Madge.

When Nelly Furtado beats you to something, you know you are 5 minutes too late.
April 9, 2008   10:27 PM PDT
I want more recipes from CyberPoof's Danish Kitchen.
April 9, 2008   08:46 PM PDT
Ugh, I got six seconds in, realised who it was, and quit the video.

I can do without seeing someone's ragged old grandma writhing about. AGAIN.
April 9, 2008   04:22 PM PDT
whoa...in the mirror, are madonna and justin the same person? That...could be interesting.

It still amuses me that Justin is this huge star now, when I remember him back in his early unimpressive NSYNC days.
April 9, 2008   03:44 PM PDT
Oh, and welcome back! Hope you're recovering well!
April 9, 2008   03:44 PM PDT
eh...Esther's videos are either a hit or miss for me...I prefer the ones where she actually dances and are highly stylized, i.e. express your self, or vogue, or ray of light...I'm not sure about this one...

Though I do luv Timbaland's work, esp his collaborations with Missy Elliot.

I do like the song...but why do they only have 4 minutes to save the world? Is an asteroid on a collision course with Earth? And what the hell was that white control top/gigantic corset thingy she was wearing?

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