Entry: Boycotting Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been a rotten week, I'm boycotting today. Have a drink.


I'll be back tomorrow


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April 9, 2008   03:16 PM PDT
I hope your better soon CP.
April 9, 2008   09:20 AM PDT
I'm glad you had a little chat amongst yourselves

I've been sick, and not in the hungover way.

Expecting to be back at work tomorrow and hoping to blog again soon.

Carry on
April 9, 2008   02:17 AM PDT
Where's Cyberpete gone? Come back!
April 8, 2008   05:45 PM PDT
He must have Eros. Maybe he's got the Freaking Green Elf Shorts and gone into shock.
April 8, 2008   03:25 PM PDT
Did anybody check to see if CP is passed out again?
April 7, 2008   09:22 PM PDT
I bet you will MJ
April 7, 2008   07:11 PM PDT
I'll lick that up.
April 7, 2008   06:58 PM PDT
Coooeeee!! Anybody home?

Hmmm... There appears to be a trickle of Martini seeping out from under the door...
April 7, 2008   03:33 PM PDT
Are you still sulking?
April 7, 2008   03:50 AM PDT
Toasts to a better week! Hang in there, CP!!!
April 6, 2008   06:23 PM PDT
Dapper indeed, If you look anything like Clark Gable the next owner of the Freaking Green Elf shorts is going to have a very good time after you've worn them. Hee hee.
Cheers to the drink.

*takes a big slurp of red wine*
April 6, 2008   02:55 AM PDT
Remember when I wanted someone to show up at my house with rum and cake? I would be very happy if it was George Clooney.
April 5, 2008   05:14 AM PDT
You're looking very dapper.

Or is that your "houseboy"?
April 5, 2008   03:47 AM PDT
I'll have what Kaz is having.

Hope you feel better tomorrow!

April 4, 2008   09:22 PM PDT
Crumbs! Shaken or stirred?
April 4, 2008   09:16 PM PDT
Oh dear - mine's a vodkatini very dry with an olive.
Don't have a hangover - it's not worth it.

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