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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
She does drive herself

It turns out that Mariah Carey actually does her own driving


Who knew!

Posted at 09:10 pm by CyberPete
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Friday, March 28, 2008
Soap Star Friday

Last Friday in the first ever Soap Star Friday I showed you, my fabulous readers, the delights of Danish TV soap 2900 Happieness. It was from 2007 so I thought it was only natural to take you back a bit, to a time when things were not quite so fabulous in Denmark. Introducing

Hvide Løgne aka White Lies

A show about, well how should I know, I didn't watch it. Oh, ok, I did a little research about it now but I honestly didn't watch it as I couldn't watch Channel 3 at the time. It's a show about life at, and around a small town hospital. It ran for 3 years and was hugely popular. You can clearly see why from the clip, right?

Posted at 03:54 am by CyberPete
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Happy blogiversary MJ Part 2

You can't sum up MJ in one post so I had to make two. The first one saw Sabrina flashing her finest assets at us. Reminding us why she had those massive... hits or tits? She sang of Boys, saying she was looking for a good time, said she was a Hot Girl being dynamite. She was looking for My Chico with All Of Me and felt Like a Yoyo. It was fabulous, 80s high hair, big ear rings, shoulder pads, catchy pop and delightful gay abandon.

All of this perfectly embodies everything MJ is, will and can be. Enjoy the videos.

Posted at 04:13 am by CyberPete
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Monday, March 24, 2008
Happy Blogiversary MJ Part 1

We are here today to celebrate MJ's 2 years of blogging. 2 years of blogging the most fabulous filth. We've seen her win Old Knudsens Most Filthy Blogger award, being stalked by the Mongs, almost leaving us and sharing with us the delightful images of Sean Connery in red leather getup. To celebrate this minx I've hooked up with one of my all star favorite 80s singers. A minx herself who had a few hits (and misses) over the years. So without further ado.

Sabrina flies the flag for MJ on her special day.



Pete and Sabrina says: HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY MJ

Be sure to tune in again Tuesday for a little video celebration of the minx that is MJ

Posted at 06:01 pm by CyberPete
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Saturday, March 22, 2008
Happy twentythirteen

Dear IDV,

Tim and I just wanted to convey our Birthday wishes in hopes that you are having a fabulous Birthday weekend. I know we are, aren't we Tim?


We regret that we can't party with you like we did at Tims Blogiversary. What a blast we had, didn't we?



However you are not here this weekend to party, but don't worry we'll party on in your good spirit.


Happy birthday mate, may there be many more.


Tim and Pete

Posted at 06:05 pm by CyberPete
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Friday, March 21, 2008
Soap Star Friday

It's only natural that I would give you, my fabulous readers, a good treat on Good Friday. So today I'm starting a new segment called Soap Star Friday which will probably run for some time as I'm a huge fan of the soaps. Some more than others, but even the bad and ugly have great moments. This is what this segment is all about. Discovering the brilliance in the old as well as new soaps on TV. It will consist mostly of clips found on YouTube (We love YouTube) but also screen caps and other goodies found, stolen, borrowed or discovered on the almighty interweb.

The show we discover today is a Danish soap. It started in August of last year and ran until Christmas where in ended in a dramatic cliffhanger like all good soaps do. Since you can't understand what they are saying and I am lazy to translate you can go here to check out more background on

2900 Happieness

A colleague of mine and I started watching it thinking it was kitsch and it surely is. Bad acting and bad scripts make a fabulously fun show. We spent many days texting each other laughing over this show. Enjoy the teasers.


Season one now available on DVD here

One of the villains of the show is this guy, David Owe who is a Danish celebrity who made his fame doing Dancing With Stars and did a couple of movies and released an album of covers duetting with his wife on amongs others Where the Wild Roses Grow originally done by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. Never has such a haunting song been mutilated into something you hear at high tea, But he looks good yeah?


Posted at 02:31 pm by CyberPete
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Sunday, March 16, 2008
Happy blogiversary Tim

Well all think it, but there is only one saying happy second blogiversary Tim

And who is it? It's everyones darling.



Kylie says: Happy blogiversary Tim

Posted at 12:11 am by CyberPete
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

IDV did this (sort of), who stole it from Frobi and I can't think of anything to blog today so I figured I'd do the latest and most avantgarde meme in blogland: The View From Your Kitchen Window.


It's pretty self explanatory. I have a bus stop (actually two) right outside my kitchen window which makes it quite interesting standing watching the street while cooking. When I stand at bus stops waiting my eyes wander and I automatically end up looking into peoples homes observing them if there is anyone home. It's natural an instict to me. Then when I was making the gayer cake this weekend I suddenly felt someone looking at me. It was such an odd feeling to have when you are all alone but then I turned my head and there it was. An older lady staring at me like I was Jim Davis - you know, the guy who played Jock in Dallas.

It was an invasion of privacy so I stared her down stirring the custard. She looked away in shame, how proud I was. Now I just have to stop staring into other peoples homes myself. Or maybe not, because what's the fun in that.

Posted at 09:22 pm by CyberPete
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
If you don't like the smell, get out of my kitchen

First off I'd like to introduce you, my dear readers, to the kitchen that I've spent so much time in making delights especially for you.


It looks lovely and quite clean doesn't it? No muck in the corners, no rotting stuff or dishes in the sink. All clean. So why is it that it smells funky in there?

That's what I've been asking myself until I spotted this culprit.



Who knew that something that looks so lovely could smell so disgusting. Like cat pee really. The really harsh kind. Clearly the people giving me this lovely Fleur de cat pee don't like me very much. Or maybe the intentions were honourable because I'm really bad at keeping flowers alive and this one requires water about once a month. Still I can't help but wonder if my mother and father were trying to tell me something..

I will however find out as I'm going to stay with them from this Friday until Wednsday and will ask. If anyone knows the real name of this stink bomb please be sure to tell me. I like to know my enemy.

Can you spray it with Febreeze to get rid of the smell?

Posted at 10:00 pm by CyberPete
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Sunday, March 09, 2008
Cooking for dummies part 3: Gayer Cake

I promised myself I wouldn't do anymore Cooking for dummies for a while as it seems every other post is about this. However there are special circumstances beyond my control. It seems I have inadvertently triggered the magic sentence making me the *ahem* proud *coughs* winner *coughs* of the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts from Tatas. This feat should be celebrated in some way, and since I'm fresh out of alcohol I decided to make a gayer cake. So here goes..

1. Ingredients


3 Chocolate cake layers
1 bag of cake custard powder
½ liter of milk
½ liter of cream
Raspberry jam as the strawberry topping wasn't all that fabulous
Red fruit colouring
Green and red sugar cherries
Red cake decoration syrup
Silver sugar balls

Step 1 - make cake custard

1. Put ½ liter of milk in a bowl with cake custard powder


2. Stir for 4 minutes


3. Put in fridge for 15 minutes

Step 2 - make whipped cream

1. Take half of the cream and put it in one bowl and add a bit of fruit colouring


2. Stir until you've got whipped cream


3. Make whipped cream out of the rest of the cream but this time don't add fruit colouring


4. The 15 minutes are almost up so take the custard out of the fridge and stir it for 1 minute


Step 3 - make cake

1. Put 1 chocolate cake layer on a plate or special cake tray


2. Put half of the custard on the cake and apply half of the white whipped cream on top


3. Put raspberry jam on top of whipped cream


4. Put layer of chocolate cake on top and apply a little pressure


5. Repeat step 2


6. Put top layer of chocolate cake on top and apply pressure


7. Neatly apply pink whipped cream on top in a thin layer


8. Apply pink whipped cream around the sides to make it look fabulous


9. Decorate cake with sugar cherries, silver sugar balls and red cake syrup for that extra gay look and voilá


ONE FABULOUS GAYER CAKE with the green sugar cherries marking the winning of the Freakin' Green Elf Short Competiton.

Bon appetit

Posted at 03:39 pm by CyberPete
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