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Monday, March 03, 2008
Cooking for dummies - the 12 step programme

I love watching cooking shows. Nigella Lawsons sexy antics really do it for me. It's camp, it's sexy and she makes food I would eat. The naked chef Oliver was a bit of a let down. He used to be really cute but then he started eating his own cooking and got all stuck up in his own world trying to save British kids from fish fingers. What's with the Naked Chef thing anyway. I haven't seen him naked anywhere - if you have, and those pictures were from when he started out, feel obliged to leave links in the comments box. Please?

Well today I'm doing my own little cooking segment, exclusively for you my dear readers. I wouldn't do it for anyone else. Todays dish is a dessert. A chocolate pudding from Dr. Oetker to be exact. Warning this is a difficult one.


1 liter of milk
1 serving of Dr. Oetkers chocolate pudding mix
100 g. sugar

The lineup


How to..

Step 1

Weigh sugar

Step 2

Add Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix to bowl


Step 3

Add sugar to Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix


Step 4

Mix sugar and Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix


Step 5

Add 2 deciliter of milk


Step 6

Stir mix until it's all smooth (no lumps, we are not doing a Black Eyed Peas song)


Step 7

Bring the rest of the milk (8 deciliter) to a boil. It does not need sieving, simply just stir it Una. WARNING! Milk is unpredictable when you heat it and it can and will burn if you are not careful. 


Step 8

Once the milk has been brought to a boil, take it off the heater.


Step 9

Mix in the cold pudding mix you made earlier


Step 10

Put it back on the heat to boil and stir it for approx. 1 minute


Step 11

Cool down the bowl in cold water, add the finished Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix and put it in the fridge for 4 hours


Step 12

Take it out of the fridge, serve it on a platter and remember to decorate it for the occasion.


Et, Voíla!

Posted at 06:51 pm by CyberPete

March 5, 2008   05:57 PM PST
At one point it was snowing in there Dinah
March 5, 2008   01:45 AM PST
We must perform an exorcism on the pudding!
March 5, 2008   12:54 AM PST
The faces are freaking me out. The pudding is possessed.
March 4, 2008   11:46 PM PST
Your fridge is sweating.
March 4, 2008   10:54 PM PST
I've just seen the face, too. In step 10 and step 12.

Nightmares tonight.
March 4, 2008   10:47 PM PST
I can't look at it anymore, it's really grossing me out

Still can't spot the face though
March 4, 2008   09:29 PM PST
On the right, lying horizontally!!!
March 4, 2008   08:48 PM PST
Sparkly Tim: WHERE??!?!!???

I don't see it
March 4, 2008   08:28 PM PST
Good god! I can see the face in picture 12 now!!
March 4, 2008   07:00 PM PST
Sparkly Tim: It was very tempting..

What face?

MJ: I WAS wearing clothes.. I don't know what you are talking about

MJ: They were made that way?

And how would I know, I'm a cityboy

MJ: I think not

Dinah: I don't see it... where? Step ten looks yummy though
March 4, 2008   04:05 PM PST
I see a face at step ten and step 12. Step ten face freaks me out, though. It looks like V for Vendetta.
March 4, 2008   03:40 PM PST
And when do we get a tour of your bedroom?
March 4, 2008   03:39 PM PST

How do you get your pics so gigantic?

Canadian cows say "moo". What do Danish cows say?

Could you give us a lesson in coffee brewing next?

March 4, 2008   03:50 AM PST
I saw the face too and was going to comment 'til TIM came along.

CyberPete, you really should remember to put some clothes on before you take photos on reflective surfaces. tee hee.
March 3, 2008   10:18 PM PST
I would totally slam my face in that.

(and am I the only one who can see a face in the chocolate at Step 12?)
March 3, 2008   09:06 PM PST
Correction: IT did taste almost like it looks
March 3, 2008   08:47 PM PST
IDV: Thank you, thank you very much...

I did taste almost the way it looked

Dinah: thank you, I like my kitchen too. I should post a picture of the entire thing.
March 3, 2008   08:42 PM PST
Mm, chocolate. Your kitchen looks so nice!
March 3, 2008   08:24 PM PST
That looks... Disgusting!

However, it's saving grace is the Extract Of Bridget Jones. Fabulous, CyberPoo. Simply fabulous!

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